OSP Maritime Reference Models

The OSP maritime reference models is a collection of models and control systems representing typical maritime equipment. A set of example configurations are included where models are connected to each other and control systems in order to run model-in-the-loop (MIL) system simulations. The collection also includes examples of FMUs that provide network communication to send data to external applications, for instance control systems.

The purpose of these reference models is to provide example FMUs and system configurations that can be useful when testing the cosim demo app or your own implementations of libcosim and OSP interface specification (OSP-IS). The different configurations show different aspects of the Open Simulation Platform:

  • Use of the OSP-IS, where OspModelDescription.xml and OspSystemStructure.xml can be applied to define variable groups for more effective connections.
  • Use of fmu-proxy for distributed co-simulation.
  • Use of network communication inside FMUs. (This allows system integrators to connect external systems to the simulator without knowing the details of the communication protocol used by the supplier. Connections between models and control systems are handled like connections between models.)
  • Use of the scenario runner to manipulate simulation variables.

Some models are very simple while others are more advanced, and while some effort has been made to properly model the different equipment, these models are not intended to be examples of how to model the different equipment. Simulation models are usually developed for specific purposes, and the performance is strongly dependent on correct parameters, all models and configurations must therefore be used at users own risk.

All OSP Maritime Reference Models can be accessed here and may be freely used and further developed by other parties free of charge subject to the MIT open source license.



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