OSP Core Simulation Environment released for testing

The Core Simulation Environment (CSE) is building on past efforts in DNV GL, SINTEF, Kongsberg Maritime and NTNU, combining this experience with new developments from other industries. At the heart of CSE is support for the FMI, SSP and (brand new) DCP standards which have been derived from similar needs in the automotive industry.

The JIP has had two internal releases of the CSE co-simulation software, working iteratively to support the needs of the use cases. The CSE-core is a C/C++ library for integration with any application that needs to perform co-simulations, currently released as binaries built for Window and Linux. The releases are accompanied by a CSE demo application with a basic GUI to demonstrate the use of CSE-core and to visualize CSE-core capabilities through a user interface.

In January, version 0.1.0 was released with features to provide basic co-simulation capabilities, supporting FMI version 1.0 and 2.0. In March, version 0.2.0 was released with features to support the JIP use cases like manipulating variables and an improved GUI.

Feedback from the JIP partners and use cases will be important in the coming months to prioritise features. Hot topics are; distributed co-simulation using DCP, features for integrating the MSMI standard and support for future FMI version 3.0.

At the completion of the project, the CSE will be open-sourced as part of our efforts for standardization and interoperability between modeling tools and platforms. The goal for the coming year is to perform frequent releases of the software, enabling the JIP participants to test the software and the future business models for the OSP concept.

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